Madonna dijo:

Sex is not love. Love is not sex. But the best of both worlds is created when they come together.
I'll teach you how to fuck.

Only the one who hurts you can comfort you. Only the one who inflicts the pain can take it away.

Sex with the young can be fun if you're in the mood. If you're feeling impatient or you feel like you want someone inesperienced. But it can be really arousing. One of the best experiences.

The best way to seduce someone is by making yourself unavailable. You just have to be busy all the time and they'll be craving to see you.

I like my pussy. Sometimes I stare at it in the mirror when i'm undressing and wonder what it would look like without any hair like when i was a baby. Sometimes i sit at the edge of the bed and spread my legs... I love my pussy, it is the complete summation of my life. It's a place where all the most painful things have happened. But it has given me indescribable pleasure. My pussy is the temple of learning.

Bien decían que madonna es la aprendiz más desarrollada de Marilyn... Osea de mi a long long time ago....

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